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#8 “A Lasting Impression” – Rewind Review 
3rd-Sep-2009 09:55 am
Title of fic: Rewind
Author: guu_dammit/ gold_ink
Length: 12 Chapters
Link: Links to All Chapters

Title of Review: A Lasting Impression – A Review on “Rewind”
Word Count: 737

Quote from the Fiction:

“No sleeping at night
But I'm going from bar to bar
Why can't we just rewind, oh,
Can't we just rewind?”
(Rewind, Paolo Nutini)


Rewind is a spellbinding story by guu_dammit / gold_ink that depicted the tale of how two men from a famous South Korean acapella/dance group; Dong Bang Shin Ki or more widely known as TVXQ fought against all odds to be together, gained more profound understanding of each other and discovered the true meaning of love in their struggles. Rewind also touches on the remarkable dynamics of the members of the group and unfolds to us how friendship and brotherhood could actually surpasses ones belief and learned that love do transcends everything; gender, religion, age, status, social norms and discrimination.

Jaejoong and Yunho, the lead singer and leader of the famous band, TVXQ who are deeply in love with each other, have been in a secret relationship for two years. Despite the fact that their relationship receive the blessings from the three other members, they choose to be together only in the confinement of the four walls of their apartment out of the fear of damaging the reputation of their group and most importantly to safeguard the future of Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin, their three dongsaengs or younger brothers whom they have grown to love like blood-related brothers.

Even though homosexuality or a relationship (sexually and/or emotionally) between two person of the same gender is already quite a common subject in this new modern era, homosexual relationships remains essentially taboo and are strongly frown upon by the still traditional South Korean society regardless of religious affiliation and even if the cultural emphasis on economic development precede over individual liberties.

All is well with their relationship until one day, the “truth” of their relationship is brought to light when photos of them caught making out in a local club was published in all the local newspapers. Although they are forced by their management to call off their relationship for the time being, at least until the scandal is buried and forgotten, Yunho and Jaejoong are adamant in keeping their relationship in secret, even from their manager.

More problems arises as pressures and scrutiny from the management and the public eyes became so over powering that it was much more than Jaejoong or Yunho had prepared themselves to bear. Issues on insecurities, jealously, miscommunications and misunderstandings begin to surface and their relationship gradually breaks apart.

That’s not the end of their problem and things went even further downhill. Pressure from having to perform better as reparation for the scandal they caused, suffering in silent from hateful and discriminative comments and the pain of being apart from each other finally taken its toll and both of them finally show signs of mental break down.

Their dongsaengs, embroiled in the midst of the scandal and witness to their hyung deul’s ordeals tried their best to help smoothen things over and give their moral and physical support to their hyung deul by being there for them in every way they could even though they might have their own set of issues to deal with. It’s touching to see how they are pillars of support for each other. Even though Jaejoong and Yunho are the elder ones, it’s amazing how Junsu and Changmin never hesitate to step up and take over the role of leading and taking care of the others in the time of need.

The writer shows the readers the true meaning of unity and with determination and faith; anything would be able to be worked out. United they stand, divided they fall. Each chapter definitely pulls at the readers’ heart string leaving the readers with a feeling of craving for more. The flow of the story is nicely paced and the writer’s take on the issues of love, relationship, trust, friendship and even sensitive subject like homosexuality is rather perceptive and insightful.

On the other hand, this story would have been more complete if a little more focused was given into the exploration of the three other members; Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin’s point of view with regards to the whole trials and tribulations of the scandal the band was going through.

Definitely a not-to-be-missed fiction for readers who are fond of the Yunho x Jaejoong coupling and the remarkable brotherhood between the members of TVXQ.
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