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#10 “I’m Yours, You’re Mine” – Nan Nikkeoya, Neon Naekkeoya Review 
3rd-Sep-2009 10:05 am
Title of fic: Nan Nikkeoya, Neon Naekkeoya
Author: jaejoongah
Length: 67,354 words
Link: [Homesite]

Title of review: I’m Yours, You’re Mine Review
Word count: 1219 words

Fanfic Quote:

They say you will always remember your first love. The first one to ever capture your heart, in undefining totality, will always be in your memories –and in your heart. But what if your first love suddenly forgets you? The pain and anguish must go on forever. It may serve as a never ending reminder to never fall in love again, for fear of being hurt a second time. But to have your very first love, turn their back on you so suddenly, what kind of destruction would that bring to one’s psyche? To their own emotional lifeforce? Most importantly, how would their heart have the strength or will to continue beating?

First of all, I want to state how honored I am to be able to review this fiction. Nani Nena (shortened version of Nan Nikkeoya Neon Naekkoya) is one of the most well known fictions amongst the YunJae fandom, and said to be one of the first fictions people read when they entered the fiction fandom. This fan fiction portrays, just like most fictions do, love; a theme that would never gets old, and also strength and sacrifices; how one keeps standing by his loves’ side even though he’s hurting on the inside, and how one who once lost his all can still gain everything back, if only he keeps standing, fighting for the one he loves.

The story starts at the time when the two main characters, members of a newly risen boy band in Korea, Dong Bang Shin Ki, which is Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong, acknowledge their feelings to each other and made a promise, a simple promise that from that time they would be each other’s. Nan nikkeoya, neon naekkeoya, I’m yours and you’re mine; something so simple yet complicated and so much more at the same time.

Ever since that day, they live their daily lives just as usual in front of everyone; two best friends supporting each other and hanging out together, but only when they’re safely hidden behind the protections of locked doors and silent walls that they’re able to show their true selves, two young lovers who are craving for each other. While the other three members, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu and Shim Changmin, are out or rather busy with their own things, they would pull themselves back and hide, running to their self-made cocoons, totally lost in their own world.

The two of them spend those times just like how ordinary couples would do; they talk with each other, sharing soft kisses and gentle whispers of love, wrapping themselves on each other’s arms, even simple things such as taking a bath together, fooling around or simply did what lovers’ usually end up doing, making love.

Everything is perfect in Yunho and Jaejoong’s life, but as much as we all want the story to keep moving in that way, soon things start to change. Humanly emotions to get jealous, another addition to the picture and fate’s cruel timing soon are getting into their lives. Everything starts from the appearance of Kim Sunghyun, a girl whom Yunho bumped to when he’s going shopping in one morning. Soon not only he made friend with the girl, but also the other band members, of course excluding someone who barely admitting that he’s actually jealous at the sight of his boyfriend and this girl he doesn’t really know. Insecurities have always been Jaejoong’s problem, and even though Yunho assures him that he would never leave him for the world, but somehow Jaejoong can already sense that something would happen, that something will happen, and soon he’s proven right.

Not too long after the day they first met Sunghyun, which is the day of their concert, an accident happen in the stage. One of the lights on the ceiling falls down and hit Yunho hard on the back of his head when they’re performing. Rushes of blurred things later, as Jaejoong sees with his eyes, finally he’s standing before the doctor who tells him that even though Yunho survived, he will suffer a temporary amnesia.

First Jaejoong thinks that everything would be alright. Everything would be just fine, from how Yunho would fully be healed again one day and how his band mates can actually accept his and Yunho’s relationship. He even thought everything just keeps getting better when one day Yunho finally opens his eyes for the first time after his countless days of slumber, but what happen afterwards never once did pass his mind.

Yunho’s temporary amnesia made him forgets about his feelings, about his relationship with Jaejoong, aside from the close friends they were once before. And what hurt Jaejoong more, is the fact that the current Yunho only sees Sunghyun, and seems to be getting closer to her each and every day.

I have to say that this is one of the small numbers of fictions that I consider as well written and I would definitely will keep re-reading, not only because that this fiction is the first YunJae fiction I read, but also because of what the story is. From the characterization, which shows how they’re acting just like humans who have their flaws, the Korean lines that’s added to the conversations, giving a strong Korean vibe to the storyline, and even though some scenes have already been brought up tons of times (amnesia, one forgets about his lover, and then another person comes between them), but this one’s just special. This may sound weird to you, but what makes this one perfect is the imperfectness in it;

How Jaejoong breaks down and even has the thought to give up, how Yunho’s being told to be disgusted about the whole same-gender relationship thing, how the two of them have their limit, which when Jaejoong is giving Yunho up and Yunho finally brought his fist to the matter, how the YooSuMin trio, even though they said they accept their eldest’s relationship but they still didn’t do anything even though it’s clear that Sunghyun is getting closer to Yunho and hurting Jaejoong in the process.

Each and every one of it shows how human this fiction is, and for me, that’s what makes a fiction special. Although it’s titled fan fiction, but for I personally enjoy realistic fictions to the most, when the characters act like real human beings who will have their breakdowns and sorts.

Of course nothing’s perfect, and so is this fan fiction. While I already said that some of the strength this story has is the story line and the Korean verses, the two of them can also be a boomerang, a minus to the story. The timing seems to be too perfect, like when Yunho finally wakes up and remembers Jaejoong, the other one just has to get himself into a car accident. And about the Korean lines, although it’s said that we can get the translation popped up to an acronym if we hover the mouse to the line, but some translations are just too long that the acronym cuts some parts of the ending translation, making us, the readers who don’t know much Korean, a little befuddled.

But nevertheless, I strongly recommend you to read this fiction if you haven’t. You definitely won’t be disappointed.
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