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Title of fic: What Love Really Is ...
Author: miss_sanzo
Length: 23 chapters + extra One Shot
Link: [Chapter 1]

Title of review: Emotions at its best ....
Word count: 626

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1st-Sep-2009 01:43 am - Submission Closed
Hello y'all!

Thank you for the contestants who have submitted their reviews!

We'd like to see more, but it's sadly way past the deadline. We've given extensions to several people who have kindly asked and informed us, and one special case, but generally, submission is now closed.

Over the next few days, we'll repost the reviews little by little (maybe 3 reviews per day). The reviews will be posted anonymously. The reviews will be judged by our panel of anonymous judges. Then we'll reveal the winners (and the prizes!) next week.

Thank you for those who have participated. =)

Hey hey hey! ^______^

The Sign Ups are now closed. For those who have signed up, I hope you have started on your reviews!

Please be informed that the deadline to submit your reviews is 30 August 2009. That's 3 days away! Quickly submit your reviews to sharetheword.dbsk@gmail.com (dot, not underscore xD)

All the best with your reviews~! We look forward to hearing more from you. =D

Best regards,
22nd-Aug-2009 02:04 am - Sign Up Deadline Extension
Hello y'all!

We, organisors of Share The Word Reviewing Contest, Yunjae Version, have agreed to extend the Sign Up Deadline to 25 August 2009.

So you still have time to sign up! The more the merrier!

Thank you to those who have signed up. Good luck writing your reviews.

May you have a nice day. ^__^


Sign Up Post

Intro Post

Submission Guidelines


Fic List *NEW*
8th-Aug-2009 12:59 pm - Fic List
gangsta saranghae
Hi all :)

Thanx to everyone who has signed up so far!

We've decided to make a list of the fics that are already going to be reviewed so you guys can decide if you wanna review a different fic or not (the longer this list gets, the better!).

We allow up to 3 people to review the same fic, but being that there are so many good fics out there, we encourage you to pick titles that you can't yet see on this list.

So, here it is...


Title: So Much Mine Author: wedspawn (x2)
Title: Never Again, Author: reunionstory
Title: Tonight, Author: ayase123
Title: What love really is, Author: miss_sanzo
Title: Damn YunJae series, Author: jakiwumi
Title: All the Pricks and Prins, Author: hell_angel_v2
Title: Rewind, Author: guu_dammit/gold_ink
Title: Poor Prince, Author: razra_eizel
Title: Snap, Author: bluetent
Title: A Prayer Time Forgot, Author: coconutjack

If you've signed up and you don't see your fic here, email us and we'll figure it out.

Good Luck!!
8th-Aug-2009 12:06 am - FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a review?

A: A review is a report where someone gives their opinion of something in the media, usually in written form. It implies careful examination of something, formulation of a judgment, and statement of the judgement. This is usually done for new books or movies for promotion purposes, or just to let the word out.

Q: Who can write a review?

A: Every consumer/reader/viewer can write a review. Everyone is welcomed to write their opinions and recommend the book/movie/fic they enjoy.

Q: Do I have to wait for the author’s permission before signing up?

A: No, you don’t have to. You can sign up first and look for fics/permission later. If you fail to find either, you can pull out from the contest and no penalty will be given.

Q: Can I submit a review without signing up?

A: You can, but only the reviews by people who have signed up will be considered for the contest.

Q: What if I'm not sure if the fic I'm reviewing is completed or not?

A: To be sure whether the fic is complete, you can ask the original writer about the status of the fic. If the writer says that particular fic is complete and she gives you permission, feel free to review it.

Q: The fic I'm reviewing is complete, but there is still an epilogue which the author has not posted. Can I review this fic?

A: The organizers have agreed to be lenient on epilogues, since most of the time, epilogues are only 'extras' and 'bonus extensions' of the original fic. So the fic can be reviewed as long as the main story is complete.

The only exception to this rule is when the epilogue is essential to the plot of the fic (i.e. the fic won't work without the epilogue), then you'd have to wait for the epilogue to deem it 'complete'.

Q: What if I’m not sure the fic I’m reviewing is more than 10000 words long?

A: One way to determine the word count is by copying and pasting the fic to Word and using the ‘Word Count’ option under the ‘Review’ tab (‘Tools’ if you’re using older versions of Microsoft Word). Another method is to ask the original writer.

Q: Will you send the prizes to the winners no matter where they live?

A: Of course, we are going to send them no matter where you live. We (organizers) all live in different parts of the world anyways, so we take all the people around the world in consideration.

Q: Can two people review on the same fic?

A: Yes, provided that both are granted permission from the original author. Both reviews will enter the competition. Since this is not a contest for the fics, but for the reviews, then the fic itself is not the focus, but the review. If the author has written something that people like so much that more than one person are willing to review it, then great for them. :)

7th-Aug-2009 09:48 pm - SUBMISSION GUIDELINES

Share The Word: Review Submitting Guidelines

Hello and greetings again from the organisors of the very first Share the Word contest, YunJae edition!

It has been 2 weeks since the registrations opened. We'd like to thank those who have signed up, sent us e-mails and pimped this community. Just like how we've promised, here are the submitting guidelines for the reviews. This is to make it easier for us to post your reviews on this community later.

After you have finished writing your review and have it betaed, please send an e-mail to sharetheword.dbsk@gmail.com with your submission attached.

Your subject title should be "Submission: (username)". The title of your attached document should be "Review: (name of fic)". If you're reviewing more than one fic, then the reviews should be in separate documents. We accept .doc and .rtf files.

Inside your document, please include the following:

Title of fic: (full title)
Author: (username of original writer)
Length: (number of chapters or word count)
Link: (link to fic)

Title of review: (you can put your own title for your review)
Word Count: (length of your review)

[your review here, in paragraphs]

For the sake of convenience, we prefer formatted reviews, which include simple HTML codes: <*b>bold</b>, <*i>italics</i> and <*u>underline</u> (remove the asterisks). However, please limit using these in your review to ensure your review looks neat and professional. Just copy and paste the codes in the box, fill in the relevant details and write your review normally.

That's it for the technical stuff. Now you can start working on your review. The deadline for submission is August 30th. All the best and we hope you'll have fun reviewing!

Best regards,


Intro Post: Terms and Conditions

Sign Up Post. Sign-up deadline is August 20th! Please quickly sign up!
24th-Jul-2009 05:01 pm - INTRO.

Hi and welcome to our first Share the Word contest, YunJae edition!

This challenge is an opportunity for all avid readers out there to show appreciation for the wonderful writers of this fandom and all the good works they've produced. Your opinion is all that counts!

The goal is to write a long review for your favourite fic and comment on the good and bad things about it, exploring on the different aspects of it and showing us why we should (or should not) read this fic you have loved so much. We know how much effort writers put on every piece they bring forth to our communities, so it's only fair that we show them their efforts haven't gone unnoticed, right?

But why write a review instead of a fic? Easy. As much as we all love to read fiction, we are very aware that a very large portion of fandom doesn't really write fics; they only read instead. And we also know that most writers continue (or not) their writing careers based on the response their work gets. They write for us, we keep them going, it's an inevitable cycle. Writers spend the time producing the fics that we love, and we do the same by sitting in front of a blank reply box several times a day/week, wondering to ourselves: "What can I say to this person that will make them acknowledge how much I appreciate this thing they are working on?"

If you notice, most of the contests held so far are only for writers or artists, none for readers. We think readers have never really gotten any public recognition, no matter how hard they were trying to make an insightful or deep comment about any work they have read, so we're about to make this right for once!

Plus, given the outrageous number of fics on the Internet, it would be preposterous to read one by one to find what we like. A shortcut is to ask for recommendations from fellow readers, but how do we know whether the fic they recommend suits our taste? That is what a review is for, and what this contest strives for: to allow readers to spazz over their favourite fics and to help new readers find fics that match their preference.

And why just YunJae instead of DBSK general fandom? Simple. Because the three masterminds behind all this are three die-hard devote YunJae fangirls with too much love for the pairing for their own good.

Alright! Onto the rules and technical stuff:

Terms and Conditions


1. Must be at least 600 words long

2. Must be your original work. Plagiarism is a serious offense that can result in disqualification.

3. You are not allowed to review your own fics, or any fics which you own more than 50% of the writing rights. You can review a fic you provided the plot bunny for, as long as you did not play any part in the writing/construction of the fic.

4. You must be objective in your review, focussing on the many aspects of the fic and not just how much you love it. You’re supposed to convince people to read the fic because it’s good, not just because it’s your favourite.

5. Fangirly remarks such as “OMG YUNJAE LOOK SOOOO GOOOD TOGETHER” are not allowed.

6. To avoid sounding fangirly, it is recommendable (but not obligatory) to identify and elaborate on ONE flaw the fic has.

7. Multiple entries are allowed, as long as they are on different fics. Each contestant can review on a maximum of 3 fics.

8. Please get someone to beta your entry before submitting it. If you can’t find anyone, tell us and we’ll get someone to beta it for you.

9. Please provide the link to the fic inside your review.

The winning reviews will be chosen based on how insightful and convincing they are.


The fic you review must fulfil the following criteria:

1. Complete

2. More than 10000 words long

3. Decently written with minimal typos and grammatical errors

4. Accessible, i.e. not friend-locked or community-locked

5. Not posted at a site where an account or password is required (for non-LJ sites)

6. The main pairing or focus of the fic must be Yunjae. Additional or side pairings are allowed.

To make it fair and square for all those many good authors out there, think hard about that one fic you want to review. If it's a super well known fic, chances are some other contestants are going to review it too. In any case, you can ask the original writer if they've gotten requests to review this or that fic already. We won't ask people to change their chosen fics, but do keep in mind that the purpose of this contest is to celebrate writers and their work, so the more fics we review, the better!!

Fanfiction written by the organizing team can be reviewed as well, since we're not judging the fanfiction itself, but the review. Needless to say, this will not affect the score for the review in any way, be it possitive or negative.

Remember you can only review a grand total of three fics per contest.

(*)Tip: If you're not too sure if the fic you're about to review meets these requirements, be sure to send us an email with a link for it to sharetheword.dbsk@gmail.com (DOT, NOT UNDERSCORE!) and we'll let you know ASAP.


1. It is COMPULSORY for every contestant to obtain permission from the original writer before writing the review. Writers deserve to know what is being done to their works. If you’re granted permission, please acknowledge the writer in your review. If you’re not, simply choose another fic.

2. If you’re reviewing a fic by a writer who is inactive or no longer in LJ, you can still review it as long as the fic is available/accessable, but you have to be responsible if the writer suddenly appears and complains.

3. The organisers have the right to change any details pertaining to the contest (dates, prizes, etc.) without prior notices.

4. Information regarding the submitting format for the review and other important details will be given once sign-up period finishes.


If you’re a writer and someone wants to review on your fic, it is up to you to give permission or otherwise. But for the sake of the contest, we implore that all writers grant permission. We’re here to share. ^____^

In addition, if the review on YOUR fic wins, one of the scenes (of your choice) from your fic will be illustrated.

Writers can also join the contest, of course. (Kindly refer to clause 3 of The Review Segment of Terms & Conditions).

Please send your entries to sharetheword.dbsk@gmail.com (DOT, NOT UNDERSCORE!!)


Sign-up deadline: August 20th (*)

Submissions deadline: August 30th

Entries will be posted starting August 31st through September 2nd.

The reviews will be judged by our panel of selected judges and organizing team for four days, and the winners will be announced on September 6th.

All reviews' authors will be revealed at that time.

(*)Tip: Don't wait until the sign up period is over to write/submit your review!

Please note that there will be no exceptions made on deadlines, unless you have an incredibly good reason to request for one, which in any case will give you maybe an extra day to complete your submission.

We won't be horrible and bitch at you should you choose to drop out, just make sure to let us know on time! Drop out emails should be sent to sharetheword.dbsk@gmail.com (DOT, NOT UNDERSCORE!!), and the subject for the email should be "(username) Drop out".


There will be a panel of judges that will give each individual review an overall 1 through 10 score, and the reviews that get the top total scores will then be submitted to the organizing team, who will choose the winner and runnerups.

And, of course all of your efforts won't be in vain! Winners will get original DBSK merchandise brought straight from the streets of Korea(*)!

Winner: TVXQ album + DBSK goods

First runnerup: TVXQ single + DBSK goods

Second runnerup: DBSK goods

(*) Note: All three of the afore-mentioned prizes could be changed at any given moment without prior notice, decided upon availability.

Bonus for the original fanfiction writers: If your fanfiction's review gets any of the first three prizes, you will be able to choose 5 scenes from your fic that will be submitted to a surprise guest artist and illustrated once the contest is closed.

Once the contest is over we'll reveal our judging panel as well as all the reviewers’ identities.

Winners will be contacted to let us know where all this stuff should be sent to :).

Questions? Simply leave a comment here or e-mail us at sharetheword.dbsk@gmail.com

If you’re pretty sure you want to join, please sign up HERE!

Your resident mods are isamijae, shigai and guu_dammit.

That's all for now, keep in tune for more and don't forget you can friend us to receive further updates directly on your f-page.

Lots of love,


Registration page

Don’t know what a review should look like? Here is a good site: http://bookreview.mostlyfiction.com

You can ask the mods about anything related to the contest by e-mailing sharetheword.dbsk@gmail.com (DOT, NOT UNDERSCORE). We’re nice people. ^__^

Help us pimp this contest! Copy paste the codes of whichever banner you prefer on your journals/community. Thanks!!

Banners under the cut!!Collapse )
24th-Jul-2009 04:15 pm - SIGN UP.

Please reply to this post stating:

LJ username:

Reviewer name:

Contact email:

Know what fic to review?:

Gotten permission from writer?:

(For the last two questions, answer Yes or No)

If you answer No to any one of those questions, you will be given 10 days to

1) Confirm the fic that you wish to review. You can change it afterwards, but you won’t be given extra time.

2) Obtain permission from the original writer.

Do NOT state the fic you are about to review in your LJ comment, since we will keep the reviews anonymous until the very end.

Once you’ve done that, send an email to sharetheword.dbsk@gmail.com to let us know what fic you are reviewing, and if you are reviewing more than one fic. The subject of the email should be "Sign Up: (username) Fic Title/Permission Status".

If you have any troubles regarding the original author of the fic, do let us know within this email and we'll get back to you ASAP.

A submission guide will be uploaded within the next few days.

Got any questions? Do let us know!

sharetheword.dbsk@gmail.com (DOT, NOT UNDERSCORE!!)

Don’t forget to friend us to receive updates and important announcements!

Thanx for participating!

Best of luck!
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