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Share the Word

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Welcome to share_the_word, host for the Share The Word, Yunjae Reviewing Contest!

Just like what the name entails, this contests aims to let fans of Yunjae (and Yunjae fanfiction) share their love for fics by reviewing the fics that they like. This is not a one-liner or two you leave after reading a fic. A review is longer, more detailed and shows more insight on the fic. So it's far better than merely recommending, where you don't provide any details of the fics.

How does this contest differ from the others? For one, this is a contest for readers. Yup, readers have their chance to spazz over the fics they love and recommend them to other readers at the same time. The writers also benefit from this. So this is a great win-win situation.

Want to know more about this contest? Simply click on one of the banners and you'll be directed to our intro post. Don't forget to sign up!

You're welcomed to join us for more updates too.

Spread the Love and Share the Word.